About us

 Our Mission Statement

“To create awareness on intersex issues and advocate for a more open, tolerant, and supportive society towards children and people with intersex conditions; and to advocate for protection, welfare, and respect for the human rights of all such children and persons in Uganda.”


Our Objectives

1.      Break through the current superstitious boundaries by showcasing the reality and incidence of intersex conditions in our country and region.

2.      Work towards a more compassionate, humane, open and tolerant society through innovative communication approaches, such as educational and informative awareness drives aimed at challenging the exclusion of this population affected by intersex conditions from social, legal, economic, spiritual, and political frameworks.

3.      Increase the availability and clarity of information on intersex conditions and ensure that this information is appropriately interpreted at the grassroots level where most of the socially orchestrated marginalization, hostility and ignorance originate.

4.      Lay the foundation for SIPD as an advocacy and support organization aimed at promoting the civil liberties and human rights of children and people affected by intersex conditions through the development and engagement of relevant change agents at community level – health workers, parents, community leaders, young people, religious and faith leaders, and school authorities – who will recognize and promote the development benefits of an open, informed, compassionate, and tolerant society.

Main focus of our work

Uganda, and indeed the entire East African region hold vehemently superstitious attitudes towards difference, variance, and disability. This attitude has made it so closed a society that social, economic, political and religious fraternities all promote and or encourage silence concerning these realities and the plight children and families face as a result of these realities.

Many people with intersex conditions experience significant stigma and discrimination in Uganda such as humiliation, ostracism,  exploratory rape, evictions from accommodation facilities due to superstitions, ritualistic murder of intersex infants, lack of access to healthcare, employment, and education to exclusion from community and family life as well as domestic violence for mothers of such children.

Since gender inequities and related violence are critical contributors to denying these children and their mothers the basic right to maximise their full potentials, SIPD aims to work with a wide spectrum of people (medical practitioners, faith leaders, other human rights organizations, education authorities, and policy makers) towards the realisation and protection of human rights for this minority population. Furthermore, SIPD is committed to mitigating human rights violations and stigma related to variance in gender and sex development, so that all human beings can realise their God given human rights, and maximise their human potentials.

Our MAIN FOCUS therefore is creating awareness and providing public education and capacity building for key stakeholders, and to mobilise allies and partners as a sustainable way of creating social change. Through these strategies we hope that civil society, government, and the general public will be more supportive of intersex children and people and their families.


SIPD is governed by a six-person Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director.