Media Campaign

Media Campaign

The media is a very important tool as far as social change and development are concerned.As such, SIPD Uganda continues to engage the media enormously in all its activities particularly radio, television broadcasters and in print to create awareness on intersex /DSD conditions and advocate for a more open , tolerant and supportive society towards people with intersex conditions.

SIPD staff members particularly from the communications department are regularly hosted on different radio and television stations educating the public on issues to do with intersexuality and are always joined by a medical doctor explaining these issues in a medical language for the general public to understand and sometimes a client to share a personal experience.

The media is and has been very crucial in changing people’s mindsets on issues regarding intersexuality in Uganda. Many intersex people have come out to tell their life stories which have given the world more knowledge about intersexuality therefore creating a more compassionate society as compared to the previous years.



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